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Hi, I am Gino Napoli of Napoli Automotive. I have lived in Weatherford Texas since 1979. I got started in car repair in 1979 when I started driving and took auto tech in high school. I excelled in this and with a blessing from the Lord found my space in life. I have owned and operated my own shop since 1982. Over the years car repair has changed so dramatically it is scary. The days of the auto mechanic are gone. If you don't have computer skills and an idea on how to deal with drivability problems you are in big trouble.

Here at Napoli Automotive we use Mitchell's shop-key information systems for our diagnostic needs. We also subscribe to NAPA fix and IATN for tech support on hard to diagnose repairs. We keep up to date with the new wave of car repair by keeping current with all information products we can get our hands on. My techs use the best products possible when working on your car. We also go an extra mile to stop problem from occurring later. For instance anytime we remove a tire and wheel we use anti-seize compound on the wheel studs. We also use this on spark plug threads and most bolts on reassembly. We use Locktight on all bolts that have the dreaded problem with backing out. We grease your front end with Mobil One synthetic grease. It stops front end wear and there is no better. If we are working on a cooling system that uses conventional antifreeze an antirust and conditioner is added to lube the water pump bearing and stop rust. We use fender covers so we don't scratch your paint and cover your floor mat so we don't get grease on the carpet.

We are insured through Federated Insurance and have shop liability in case of an accident. If I did not work on my own car these are some of the questions I would ask. If you are having your car repaired by a "shade tree shop" because their labor rate is less than ours ask yourself what type of tech is working on your car for 10 bucks an hour? If there is an accident is the facility going to pay for the damages or are you?? What if they repair your car and in 5 months you have a problem? Will they still be in business?? Do they rent a building from month to month or do they own their own??? I want someone with a history so if I have a problem I can come back and talk to him and know he will be there. Hopefully my website will shed some light on the new day and age of auto repair.


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